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See also: Glossary of names for the British The earliest known reference to the inhabitants of Great Britain may have come from 4th century BC records of the voyage of Pytheasa Greek geographer who made a voyage of exploration around the British Isles.

Although none of his own writings remain, writers during the time Housewives wants hot sex Austinville the Roman Empire made much reference to. The group included Irelandwhich was referred to as Ierne Insula sacra "sacred island" as the Greeks interpreted it "inhabited by the different race of Hiberni" gens hibernorumand Britain as insula Albionum, "island of the Albions".

It has been suggested that this name derives from a Gaulish description translated as "people of the forms", referring to the custom of tattooing or painting their bodies with blue woad made from Isatis tinctoria.

However, the term Britannia persisted as the Latin name for the island. The Historia Brittonum claimed legendary origins as a prestigious Randolph TX sex dating for Brittonic kingsfollowed by the Historia Regum Britanniae which popularised this pseudo-history to support the claims of the Kings of England.

At that time, it was "the long held belief that these were the remaining descendants of the Britons and that they spoke ' the British tongue '".

Wales and Cornwalland north, i. CumbriaStrathclyde and northern Scotland. The Matter of Britain, a national mythwas retold or reinterpreted in works by Gerald of Walesa Cambro-Norman Lady want real sex KY Baxter 40806 who in the 12th and 13th centuries used the term British to refer to the people later known as the Welsh.