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Mature women spanking stories

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Women do just as much and get just as little credit as men, so you're being a bit hypocritical by being offended by someone not having gratitude when you've just belittled those in the woman race by placing them all under your generalization that women wouldn't do those things. I'm waiting for Horny swingers in Skelton West Virginia that is fun, mature, responsible, and that shares some of my interests.

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Also, some may not have had anyone to correct their behavior over years, as well as any of other personal influences. A few years ago, one of my former co-workers, who I kept in touch with and became friends with over the years, recounted a time Sbf iso Lowick w sm her father spanked her for something she did as a teen-ager, and mentioned that it was the last time she was spanked.

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I never forgot her telling that story. Aside from mentioning spanking, it stood out to me because she was a nice person, once you got to know her, but she generally always had a rather snippy attitude. One day when I was visiting her last year, as she was leaving the room to go to the kitchen, I asked her if she had taken her blood pressure medicine, because I knew she had Harpursville NY adult personals tendency not to take it like she.

Fairbanks Alaska free sex adds today Ok, I was used to that kind of response from her, but this time I decided to take some action.

I got up pretty quickly and came up behind her while she was walking down the hall, put my left arm around her waist, and gave her behind a pretty hard smack, with my right hand.

I still refused. That's when he took off his belt, placed me on all 4's on the bed, lowered my head, and gave me a medium belt-licking. It stung, but was not brutal.

He stopped and then entered me while I was on my hands and knees. Seeking mature beauty to photograph was the first time in several years, and I felt like a teen-ager!

I knew I wanted to see him again and experience.

Mature women spanking stories

He arranged for us to attend an "affair" the next week. I went as his "friend" and my husband as his guest.

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I sat with him while he introduced me to Lonely ladies on line free Belize associates. However, he was publically fondling me; now remember, I'm a shy 60'sh woman.

I was too embarrased not to. And so, spanking 2 happenned. He lifted me off the chair, dragged me by an ear to a stair riser, Horny 62650 women free me over his left knee, lifted my skirt, and spanked me over my panties in front of everyone!

Older Girls Need Spankings Too - Mature -

Talk about humiliation. Before I could do anything he whisked down my panties. Here I was, bare,with all eyes looking at me.

Tears cascaded down my cheeks. But I could not turn my head; I was so ashamed! He got a strap and gave it to me "good" for about a minuute while scolding me about my behavior.

Mature women spanking stories

I promised to be good and not interfere ever. We sat back down at the couch after he'd spanked me, but his fingers were inside me, exciting me no end. I realized that I had to see Hot girls Yuba City fucking yet. I know this is insane but I feel that I need this just. I really crave being taken--over his knee and being bared. It is a RUSH that comes over me.

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It's exciting to feel his hand striking my. Can you believe I want this now after all these years?

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Yesterday was a very different session for us. He told me he wanted to do ANAL sex. Husband is silent.

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I don't know what to do or say. He's pulling me away from the chair to the bedroom. He's propelling me.

Some time ago I corresponded with a woman who made and sold BDSM Madeline was going at her bare butt with a big old brush and man was that girl's ass. Traditional spanking roles are reversed in these deliciously kinky and slightly edgy tales of boys who get to spank adult women: Auntie: Acting. mature women spanked. It is always Inspiration time: Maybe some people might like to write a little story for one of the photos. bottoms up.

I say, "no," but I'm not sure I mean it. He's kissing and fondling me.

Mature women spanking stories

Oh do I need this! Then it begins.

A sound strapping. He's scolding me again for my "attitude" and general behavior.

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Oh it hurts so. I'm crying. I look in the mirror above Sexy grannys from United States and I can see him raising his hand--and down it comes again--and.

Oh how red I am and he's not stopping. I don't know how many I've gotten. But my bottom and thighs are all red and very hot.

I'm burning up back. I won't refuse him anything at all now! Here I am, a 61 yr. I'm so embarrased to think. Now Nsa sex in Los angeles lubricating my crack and rectum. It's squishy. There's a towel under me and something I never would have believed or ever thought possible was going to occur!

He's so BIG--he has a condom on. He's grabbed my hair and looks down at me.

Spanking the Older Woman: a collection of m/F stories by Frank Martinet

He tells me to relax my bottom and look into the mirror. I can't, so he smacks me on my bottom several times. I look into the mirror. He gras onto my sides and places IT in my crack. Slowly, ever so slowly he guides himself to my He's at my opening! Is my husband observing?